2020 Agenda Overview

As you know by now, FWD50 2020 will be a hybrid event. Those simple words belie a complex technical and logistical challenge, which we’re hard at work designing. Each week, we hold our team meetings on different platforms—we’ve used Bigmarker, Hopin, Clickmeeting, Zoom, Crowdcast, Run The World, Streamyard, Google Meet, Whereby, and more. And yes, the variety of technologies is almost overwhelming.

But our primary focus isn’t tech—it’s human society. How do we keep online audiences engaged? How do we break up the experience to balance learning with entertainment? And how do we deal with the myriad technical issues that attendees might face, factoring in accessibility, quality, and experience?

  • For attendees, you can join sessions virtually (through a browser, TV, or mobile device) or in person.
  • For speakers, you can deliver your ideas virtually, or in person on our stages.
  • For partners, we have options to support the event on a purely virtual basis; or as a blend of online and in-person interactions.

Churchill said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” As we reinvent our businesses, our governments, and ourselves, the Covid-19 pandemic is a catalyst for technology adoption. Now, videoconferencing is the norm—which also makes it easier for digital government attendees from around the world to participate—since travel, visas, and vacations aren’t an issue.

We’re excited to make it as easy as possible for you to get the most out of this incredible opportunity, and to bring governments from around the world to the FWD50 family.