Salles thématiques de FWD50

04/11/2020 16.30 - 17.30

Une opportunité pour dialoguer ouvertement sur des thèmes pertinents. Les salles thématiques de FWD50 permettent aux participants de participer à la conversation. Chaque salle sera animée par des experts, ce qui favorisera des conversations ouvertes, collaboratives et productives autour de thèmes prédéterminés. Choisissez le thème qui vous intéresse et commencez les échanges !

Veuillez noter que les titres et descriptions des salles thématiques sont disponibles en anglais uniquement. 


The Digital Learning Exchange: Democratizing Learning and why YOU need to do it!

Imagine a place where digital learning content is shared freely and in a manner simple to adopt thus driving to easy to consume, broad digital learning, across many jurisdictions? The Digital Academy, of the Canada School of the Public Service is all about Living the Digital Standards. As such, working in the Open by Default is the norm. Come learn about the Digital Learning Exchange, influence its design, and ultimately become part of a community that shares its learning content.


Strengthening the Digital Workforce of the Future

Strengthening the Digital Workforce of the Future is not a solo role. Our collective success for a digital tomorrow is resting on our people as the cornerstone. Come join this interactive conversation and hear of the impact a coalition of the willing can have and share your insights and experiences on what more can be done – together.

Elizabeth Rhodenizer
Elizabeth Rhodenizer
Dirigeante principale de l’informationCommission de la fonction publique du Canada (CFP)
Dugald Topshee
Dirigeant principal de l’informationMinistère de la Justice
Giselle Jean Baptiste
Senior Director, Digital Services BranchPublic Services and Procurement Canada
Jonathan Craft
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto
Dre Angela Siegel
Program Director, Applied Computer Science Co-Director Learning Equity & Access Research Network (LEARN)Dalhousie University

Designing COVID Alert

Come chat with the designers, content designers and translators who built Canada's Exposure Notification Service COVID Alert. The team will share details on how they iterated on the service and how user research with over 6000 participants helped shape how the service looks, feels and sounds.

Julianna Rowsell
Accessibility and Inclusive Design LeadCanadian Digital Service (CDS)
Eman El-Fayomi
Head of DesignCanadian Digital Service
Kate Wilhem
Lead Content DesignerCanadian Digital Service
Brian Hendrick
Lead Service DesignerCanadian Digital Service
Yedida Zalik
Content designerCanadian Digital Service
Élise Cossette
TranslatorCanadian Digital Service
Philippe Caron
Interaction designerCanadian Digital Service
Samantha Sadasivan
Service designer Canadian Digital Service