Radical Transparency: How openness changes the public sector

06/11/2020 10.35 - 10.55

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Open Source is more than a software license. It’s a mindset for working in the open, transparently, with a recognition that we’re stronger together. Today, Open is a stack: Open compute, open code, open data, open services, and open communities. In this session, Red Hat Chief Strategist Todd Wilson discusses the impact an open mindset has the behaviour of teams and the impact of organizations.

Using examples from his time as Director of Enterprise Devops for the Government of British Columbia, Todd will explain how open, inclusive communities can mitigate the siloed nature of government. From open-ended approaches to procurement, to working openly on projects by default, we’ll learn how radically transparent organizations helps us talk about what’s possible and reach across departments.

Todd Wilson
Chief Strategist, CanadaRed Hat
Alistair Croll
FounderSolve for Interesting