Andee Pittman

Human-centred Design Lead

Office of the Chief of Human Resources Officer, Treasury Board Secretariat

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Andee Pittman is a human-centred designer with a focus on building capacity and co-designing solutions. Sustainability, decolonization and social justice are lenses they include when designing solutions for today and the future. Andee joined the civic tech community through the Code for Canada Fellowship and stayed in government to demonstrate the power of listening, prototyping, testing, iterating and asking the tough questions. Previously they developed and delivered design education at RED Academy and started a design practice called Teal Strategies to work with social entrepreneurs to build their business in alignment with their values. Andee is currently working in the Office of the Chief of Human Resources Officer (OCHRO) and leading design research and co-design processes to improve the experience of self-identifying as an employment equity group member as designated by the Employment Equity Act.



09/11/2020 13.30 - 14.10

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