Courtney Claessens

Senior Product Manager

Canadian Digital Service (CDS)

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Courtney Claessens is a Senior Product Manager at the Canadian Digital Service (CDS), where she works with teams to build the right thing at the right time and hold people at the centre of our products. At CDS she has led the delivery of the provincial healthcare integration of COVID Alert and products to help people find relevant benefits (for people financially impacted by COVID-19 and for Veterans), and worked with ESDC to improve the CPP Disability application and adjudication process. Before joining the public service she worked at Esri to build products that enable governments around the world to share data with the public.


COVID Alert: Building a COVID-19 exposure notification service

04/11/2020 14.15 - 14.55

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Join the CDS team as we discuss how we used the guiding principles of availability, accessibility, awareness, understanding and trust to build COVID Alert, the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 exposure notification service.
CDS will cover how we used three multidisciplinary teams to build the multi-region service in 45 days. COVID... voir plus