David E. Jensen

Head of the Digital Transformation Task Force

UN Environment Program

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David Jensen is the coordinator of the Digital Transformation Task Force at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). In this capacity, he is responsible for developing the new digital transformation strategy and for accelerating the uptake of digital technologies across the organization. David has been advising the UN Science Policy Business Forum on these topics since 2018 and was the co-author of a flagship discussion paper entitled The Case for a Digital Ecosystem for the Environment. He also co-wrote a series of Medium articles on a Digital Ecosystem for the Planet (1, 2, 3). Within the digital space, David has co-founded numerous platforms including MapX, Earthschool, the UN Biodiversity Lab, and the Environmental Peacebuilding Platform.


Digital transformation and environmental governance

04/11/2020 15.45 - 16.25

Pour les cadres : Partenariat mondial (DN)Chaîne 1Conférence

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Digital tech has an ambivalent relationship with the environment. The tech sector has recently begun to focus on the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions as digital transformation accelerates, via the greening of IT and procurement. Beyond these critical issues loom larger challenges and opportunities. In this session, we explore... voir plus