Jeff Jonas

Founder and CEO


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Jeff Jonas is an acclaimed data scientist. He is at the forefront of solving some of the world’s most complex business and big data problems for government and companies. A former IBM fellow, Jonas is the leading creator of entity resolution systems. National Geographic recognized him as the Wizard of Big Data, and today numerous organizations rely on his systems to extract useful intelligence from tsunamis of data.

For more than three decades, Jonas has focused on creating technologies that solve the world’s biggest data challenges, while also being an advocate for privacy and civil liberties. He has tackled many high-profile challenges, including identifying potential terrorists, detecting fraudulent behavior in casinos, connecting loved ones after a natural disaster, and modernizing voter registration systems.

A three-time entrepreneur, Jonas sold his last company to IBM in 2005. With his latest company Senzing, he is first focused on democratizing entity resolution – making this complicated task for programmers easy.


Qui connaît qui : Pourquoi la résolution d'entité est la base de la transformation numérique

03/11/2020 10.15 - 10.35

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Qu’est-ce que la résolution d’entité ? Pourquoi est-elle importante pour vous ? Comment les gouvernements du monde entier l’utilisent-ils (par exemple : fraude, lutte contre le terrorisme, services sociaux, inscription des électeurs) ? Après avoir assisté à cette séance, vous réaliserez que la résolution d’entité est au centre de nombreux systèmes analytiques et... voir plus