Mark Levene

Lead, Digital Government Partnerships

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

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Mark Levene is currently the lead for the Intergovernmental Relations and Networks team in the Digital Change Sector at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat in the Government of Canada. His team is responsible for working across Canada and internationally with partners on a variety of digital government issues. Mark serves as Canada’s lead for Digital Nations and also chairs its new Greening Digital Government thematic group.

Mark joined the Digital Change team after working for several years on open government, which included working internationally with partners on open government policy issues including common licensing, open standards, and leading on the development of the international Open Data Charter. Prior to joining Treasury Board in 2012, Mark worked for a dozen years at Canada’s national archives where he managed multiple projects helping to make Canada’s documentary heritage more accessible to the public.


Emerging tech lightning talks

04/11/2020 13.30 - 14.10

Pour les cadres : Partenariat mondial (DN)Chaîne 1Conférence

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Public sector innovation requires that we choose wisely from the fruits of technology, reaping their benefits while avoiding their risks. Digital transformation means balancing tradeoffs to improve services for citizens while protecting their freedoms and rights. The Digital Nations has working groups, some of which are focused on digital... voir plus

Building a Sustainable Value Chain in Government

05/11/2020 13.30 - 15.00

Trame Innovations de l’industrieChaîne 4Atelier

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How are we applying technology to global and local challenges and problems? How do we bring transparency to your sustainability efforts? Hosted by Microsoft, this workshop invites participants to join a conversation on how to become more sustainable and digitally mature in their organizations through a series of conversations and demos.... voir plus