Mike Cook



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Following the completion of his Engineering degree, Mike quickly became one of the youngest leaders in his field. At the age of 24, he managed a 300 person team responsible for the operations of Enterprise broadband telecommunication networks across the country for almost a decade. Later, Mike earned his MBA before stepping into leading a series of successful tech companies.

Today, Mike invests his time as founder and CEO of IDENTOS, developing access control software that redefines digital trust in a way that’s open, dynamic and scalable. Mike’s strategy is to focus on the value chain of digital solutions and global standards that focus on sustainability and scale for the next generation of data access and control.

Mike has led IDENTOS since it’s inception with 5 employees through startup to scale-up, enabling trustworthy data economies with innovative and dynamic access control software that’s used domestically and referenced globally today.


Policy Ignite + Salles thématiques de FWD50

05/11/2020 16.30 - 17.30

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Une opportunité pour dialoguer ouvertement sur des thèmes pertinents. Les salles thématiques de FWD50 permettent aux participants de participer à la conversation. Chaque salle sera animée par des experts, ce qui favorisera des conversations ouvertes, collaboratives et productives autour de thèmes prédéterminés. Choisissez le thème qui vous intéresse et commencez les échanges !

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