Ryan Hum

Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Data and Information Management

Canada Energy Regulator

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Ryan Hum is the Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Data and Information Management at the Canada Energy Regulator.

Ryan’s previous post was with Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada, where he was Director of Service Insights and Experimentation, responsible for designing and implementing service improvements for people seeking refuge, immigrating, and becoming citizens of Canada.

Ryan has had a long and distinguished career in public service in the departments of Health, the Food Inspection Agency, and Natural Resources, where he was Acting Director of Sustainable Mining Policy, Intergovernmental Affairs and Environmental Assessments.

He was also a founding member of the Government of Canada’s Central Innovation Hub (housed at the Privy Council Office), where he served as Chief Designer and Data Scientist leading the design insights and data analytics practice to improve policy, program and service delivery.

Ryan has Bachelor of Science (Honours) and a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University, a Master’s of Engineering Design from McMaster University and is working toward a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD) and has previously taught design, public policy and engineering at Carleton University and the University of Toronto.


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