Sam Roberts

Head of Open Government and Open Data policy

UK Cabinet Office (GDS)

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Sam is the head of Open Government and Open Data policy at the UK Cabinet Office (GDS). Sam has worked across a number of prominent government areas, including information sharing legislation, international transparency, and youth policy.

In addition to policy development, Sam is a trained agile delivery manager and has led the delivery of projects within multidisciplinary teams of Data Scientists, User Researchers, Content Designers, Product Managers, and Policy Advisers. Sam also leads a range of international work with the Open Government Partnership, OECD, and the Digital Nations.


Emerging tech lightning talks

04/11/2020 13.30 - 14.10

Pour les cadres : Partenariat mondial (DN)Cha√ģne 1Conf√©rence

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Public sector innovation requires that we choose wisely from the fruits of technology, reaping their benefits while avoiding their risks. Digital transformation means balancing tradeoffs to improve services for citizens while protecting their freedoms and rights. The Digital Nations has working groups, some of which are focused on digital... read more