Todd Wilson

Chief Strategist, Canada

Red Hat

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Todd has worked with leading edge technology and leveraging his skills as a change agent to deliver success through partnership and innovation for over 20 years. Prior to joining Red Hat Canada as a Chief Strategist, Todd was instrumental in helping government agencies in British Columbia increase public-value through the rapid creation of digital services using modern technologies and DevOps principles. His experience with enterprise technology transformation, coupled with a passion for open source collaboration drives him to seek out opportunities where he can share his knowledge at scale and spread the capability of digital delivery across sectors.


Adopting Open Source Culture in Public Sector

05/11/2020 15.00 - 15.40

Trame Innovations de l’industrieChaîne 4Conférence

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With the move to cloud, we need to work in new ways. Join us for an interactive session to further explore the Value of Open Source for Public Sector. Let’s discuss real examples with real client situations.

Radical Transparency: How openness changes the public sector

06/11/2020 10.35 - 10.55

Trame Séances plénièresChaîne 1Séance plénière

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Open Source is more than a software license. It’s a mindset for working in the open, transparently, with a recognition that we’re stronger together. Today, Open is a stack: Open compute, open code, open data, open services, and open communities. In this session, Red Hat Chief Strategist Todd Wilson discusses the impact an... voir plus