FWD50 2020: Public/Private Collaboration

FWD50 is a global digital government gathering held annually in Ottawa, Canada. Each year, technologists, executives, and industry come together for a week of content and discussion, focused on steering progress and innovation towards our better selves.

We’re covering a myriad of topics in 2020, and featuring some key speakers for each topic. 

This year, one of our focuses will be around Public/Private Collaboration.

Where do we draw the line between what the private sector makes, and what governments build? Why do we think governments should build highways, but not telecommunications platforms? And how does that line move as digital becomes the default for citizen engagement and service delivery?

FWD50 is hosting the CIO Strategy Council, a group of Chief Information Officers from across the Canadian public sector and private enterprise. The group meets regularly to discuss emerging technologies, governance, regulation, and vital—but potentially risky—efforts such as data sharing standards.

Relevant speakers

Jim Balsillie co-founded Canadian tech giant Research In Motion. He’s devoted much of his philanthropic efforts to helping shepherd technologies into the public square, founding the Canadian International Council (CIC); the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI); and the Canadian Council of Innovators (CCI). He serves as co-chair and founder of the CIO Strategy Council.

You can see the full schedule online, buy tickets, or—if you work in regional government—claim free passes through our regional access pass program.