What can I do? Authentic leadership to create inclusive spaces for BlPOCQ.

06/11/2020 14.15 - 14.55

FWD50 in the MixChannel 5Breakout session

We’ve all seen empty statements about diversity and inclusion. We all claim to be anti-racists, but things aren’t changing, why aren’t BIPOCQ candidates applying to our jobs, why aren’t they staying in our organizations? Why aren’t they rising up to leadership positions?

How are we suppose to design digital programs, services, and systems for everyone if we can’t create teams that are representative of a full spectrum of lived experiences?

This discussion, featuring an all BIPOCQ leadership panel, will be an honest talk about first hand experiences and what it takes to bring positive and progressive change within your organizations.

Come to this talk if you’re too shy to ask.

Come to this talk if you feel think there is a ceiling for you.

Come to this talk because we need your help.

Ryan Hum
Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Data and Information ManagementCanada Energy Regulator
Hillary Hartley
Chief Digital & Data Officer, Deputy MinisterOntario Digital Service (Treasury Board Secretariat)
Denis Carignan
PresidentPLATO Testing Group of Companies
Elizabeth (Dori) Tunstall, PhD.
Dean, Faculty of DesignOCAD University, Toronto, Canada