Code for Canada Fellowship demonstrations

09/11/2020 14.00 - 15.10

Code for Canada ShowcaseChannel 2Presentation

Come see what’s possible when the latest digital methods and tools are applied to public sector projects. The fourth cohort of Code for Canada fellows will demonstrate the 21st century public services they’ve built in collaboration with government partners at Transport Canada, Measurement Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Both fellows and partners will share the stage to highlight successes and learnings from their projects, and take part in an intimate Q&A afterwards.

Who should attend?
People looking for tangible examples of digital transformation in government, anyone curious about Code for Canada or the fellowship, including prospective government hosts and prospective fellows.

Seyi Taylor
FellowCode for Canada
Jasper Chan
FellowCode for Canada
Keith Colbourne
FellowCode for Canada
Michèle Bélanger-Petrucci
Manager, Robotic Process Automation CoETransport Canada
Cora Loucks
Surveillance Coordinator & Data AnalystOntario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)
Colin Gunanayagam
Product OwnerMarine Safety and Security, Transport Canada
Michael Jay
Senior AdvisorInnovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (Measurement Canada)
Jared Chadwick
FellowCode for Canada