Forget Data Lakes – the Need for Data Rivers in Covid-19 Government Response and Recovery

06/11/2020 13.30 - 14.10

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“Your team is like the SEAL Team Six for data.”

The New York City Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics (MODA) history is filled with stories of responding in times of crisis and emergency over the past decade. Join New York City’s Chief Analytics Officer Kelly Jin and Ryan Zirngibl, MODA Data Scientist, to hear stories and takeaways for your organization at the intersection of emergency data, decision-making, and policy from how MODA this year:

  • Early in the pandemic joined the NYC emergency operations center – the City’s response nerve center – and used data to tackle understanding supplies of critical personal protective equipment across the City and hospitals.
  • Delivered daily insights and recommendations to improve social distancing outreach for New York City’s many neighborhoods and business types.
  • Launched the NYC Recovery Data Partnership, a first-of-its- effort for community, non-profit, and private organizations to share data free-of-charge with the City to aid in Covid-19 response and recovery efforts.
Kelly Jin
Chief Analytics Officer and DirectorMayor’s Office of Data Analytics, City of New York
Ryan Zirngibl
Data ScientistNYC Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics