Learning by doing: Strategies for upskilling the public service for the next decade

06/11/2020 14.15 - 14.55

Regional Digital Government SummitChannel 2Summit

At the 2020 Code for Canada Summit, public sector educators began a
discussion about what a pan-Canadian approach to teaching and learning
digital in government might look like. At this year’s FWD50, we’re opening
that conversation up to the world, inviting those at the forefront of capacity
building in government to share how they’re equipping public servants with
the skills they need to succeed in the digital era. From formal education to
experiential programs that combine learning and delivery, you’ll learn what’s
working — and what isn’t — when it comes to upskilling your team and growing
their digital confidence.

Who should attend? Those working at the intersection of education and
digital government, executives and leaders interested in professional
development opportunities for their teams, or anyone curious to know how
public servants can acquire the skills they need quickly and continuously.

Tamara Srzentić
Deputy DirectorOffice of Innovation, California Health and Human Services
Jessica Cole
Core TeamU.S. Digital Response
Helen Caldwell
Campaigns & Communications AssociateApolitical
Meha Shah
Fellowship and Education Program ManagerCode for Canada