The Bespoke Boss / Public Sector

03/11/2020 14.30 - 15.00

Executive Track: Leadership (APEX)Channel 1Breakout session

Every organization is in need of doing more with less. The key to succeeding with this is hiring the best and brightest aka 10xers. These are people who provide exponential value compared with their peers. As a group, they have different needs and wants than their predecessors and the companies and governments who want to attract and retain these super talents, need to customize their offerings to meet a new set of criteria. The good news is many of these wants and needs are also good for their employers. Drawing from his book, Game Changer: How To Be 10x In The Talent Economy, Michael Solomon will share lessons from managing talent across sectors as broad as musicians, directors, producers, entrepreneurs and technologists providing actionable insights and steps to improve outcomes.

Michael Solomon
Co-Founder10x Management