Amanda Makulec

MPH / Data Visualization Lead


Amanda Makulec is the Senior Data Visualization Lead at Excella, where she coaches teams and develops user-centered data visualization products for federal, non-profit, and private sector clients. Prior to joining Excella in 2017, Amanda spent eight years working with data in global health programs in more than a dozen countries. She is a founding board member and Operations Director for the Data Visualization Society, and writes about responsible visualization of health data.


The Human Element of Health Data Visualization

04/11/2020 15.45 - 16.25

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The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the first global crises universally communicated through data. We read dashboards, signed up for alerts, and scrolled through countless pieces of data journalism summarizing new studies in an effort to be more informed in the middle of a crisis.

Plotting numbers on a chart implies a certain factfulness and objectivity in the data, but what we saw in the pandemic... read more