Amanda Renteria

Chief Executive Officer

Code for America

Amanda has had a unique and diverse career starting out in the financial industry, moving to education as a teacher in her small hometown community, and finally spending the majority of her career in public service. She has served as the Chief of Operations at the California Department of Justice overseeing 1,000 public servants and an $850M budget, National Political Director for Secretary Clinton managing the political and outreach strategy for the 2016 Presidential Campaign, and as a Chief of Staff in the United States Senate during one of the most productive periods in our country’s history. She was named one of the most influential staffers by Roll Call and received a number of awards as the first Latina chief of staff in the history of the U.S. Senate. In addition to her policy work, she has also run for Congressional office in 2014 and Governor in 2018 believing that empowering others is at the heart of public service. She has degrees from Stanford University and Harvard Business School and serves on several non-profit boards.


Towards what's possible: Rebuilding public trust

05/11/2020 10.15 - 10.35

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Trust in government is wavering around the world. Fake news, conspiracies, and a business model of outrage has ended reasonable discourse and healthy compromise. We can disagree—but we must agree on how to resolve those disagreements if we are to function in modern society. How do we govern in a post-trust world, where facts compete with outrage?

The Civic Tech movement provides a possible... read more