Avalyne Diotte

Foresight Analyst

Policy Horizons Canada

Avalyne has degrees in Human Rights and Mass Communication. She was part of a United Nations diplomacy leaders program and spent a decade working in International Relations, developing education programs in Indigenous communities across Canada. As a foresight analyst she has worked on the Next Digital Economy, The Future of Work, and The Future of Value. She currently co-leads the Biodigital Convergence study. Her foresight research and professional interests include everything “bio” related, including the future of health, genomics, synthetic biology, security, bio-economy, sustainability, environment, and climate change.


What happens to humanity when biology and digital technology merge?

06/11/2020 13.30 - 15.00

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In the coming years, biodigital technologies could be woven into our lives in the way that digital technologies are now. Biological and digital systems are converging, and could change the way we work, live, and even evolve as a species. More than a technological change, this biodigital convergence may transform the way we understand ourselves and cause us to redefine what we consider human or natural.

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