Brian Hendrick

Lead Service Designer

Canadian Digital Service

Brian Hendrick is a service design specialist with extensive experience delivering transformational public services. His primary focus is designing end-to-end services that improve people’s lives. Brian has worked in the digital government space within various departments in the United Kingdom, including the Government Digital Service and the Ministry of Justice. He currently works at the Canadian Digital Service, where he manages the service design community of practice and is embedded as a design lead within product delivery teams.


FWD50 Topic Rooms

04/11/2020 16.30 - 17.30

Topic RoomFWD50 Topic RoomsTopic room

An opportunity for open dialogue around relevant themes. The FWD50 Topic rooms bring the conversation to our attendees. Each room will be hosted by curated experts, promoting open, collaborative and productive conversations around pre-determined themes. Pick the theme that’s of interest to you and start talking!