Elodie Bouneau

Director of Platform

Canadian Digital Service

Elodie Bouneau is the Director of Platform at the Canadian Digital Service (CDS). As part of the Treasury Board Secretariat, CDS partners with government departments to improve digital services for people in Canada. 
Elodie has extensive experience building and growing digital platforms and teams in the US, UK, and Canada. Her focus has been on using platform to transition companies in traditional industries such as publishing, medical, and hospitality, into modern, digitally-empowered organisations.


Global Innovation: A DN Talent Show

04/11/2020 14.15 - 14.55

Executive Track: Global Partnership (DN)Channel 1Breakout session

Digital Nations member countries are pushing the envelope of service transformation. In this session, get a behind-the-scenes look at projects from around the globe, revealing case studies of what’s possible with digital innovation.