Eric Ward

Senior Director

Policy Horizons Canada

Eric is the Senior Director responsible for foresight. Before joining Policy Horizons, he worked at the Department of Justice Canada, the Privy Council Office, the Supreme Court of Canada, and the Senate of Canada.

He holds degrees in civil and common law from McGill University, and practiced in the areas of privacy and information law.


What happens to humanity when biology and digital technology merge?

06/11/2020 13.30 - 15.00

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In the coming years, biodigital technologies could be woven into our lives in the way that digital technologies are now. Biological and digital systems are converging, and could change the way we work, live, and even evolve as a species. More than a technological change, this biodigital convergence may transform the way we understand ourselves and cause us to redefine what we consider human or natural.

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