Farhad Mohit


The Good Party

Immortal until proven otherwise, Farhad loves people and creates things, like: TheGoodParty.org; Flipagram (TikTok); Shopzilla; BizRate.com; Farhang.org and some worthy failures. These days he’s full-time on The Good Party where they’re building free open source technology to disrupt BOTH major U.S. political parties and sweep corrupt career politicians out of office, empowering citizens to take back their democracy and to save the world! Full bio: farhadmohit.com


Activating non-voters to save democracy

09/11/2020 10.50 - 11.10

KeynoteChannel 1Keynote

The US spends Billions of dollars every year so citizens can choose between a pair of pre-approved candidates, one red and one blue. Is this the best model for democracy? Not according to a third of voters. Over 100M Americans—disproportionately, young digital natives—sit on the sidelines. Millions more do their civic duty, but are frustrated by having to choose a candidate who doesn’t... read more

Activating non-voters to save democracy - a deeper dive

09/11/2020 13.30 - 14.10

Breakout TrackChannel 1Breakout session

Following his morning keynote, Farhad Mohit, joined by our hosts, will take a deeper dive into how digital-native thinking can bring voting into the 21st century—and save democracy as we know it.