Jazmyn Latimer

Service Design Director

Code for America

Jazmyn is a multi-disciplinary designer and user researcher who gets excited at the chance to solve a hard problem. For the last 8 years, she’s been using human centered design to solve problems that affect the way our society lives and functions.

She joined Code for America in 2015 as a design fellow, and worked with the Vallejo Police Department on finding a solution to repair community trust. In 2016, she started Code for America’s Clear My Record project to restore opportunities for those impacted by the criminal justice system. Currently, she’s managing the design team and exploring new design opportunities for Code for America’s justice portfolio.

Jazmyn is also a visual artist and oil painter, exclaims, “Juicy!” when she finds something interesting, and loves a good mystery.


Eliminating paper application forms.

03/11/2020 14.00 - 14.30

Executive Track: Leadership (APEX)Channel 1Breakout session

Every government service starts with an application form. But what if you didn’t have to apply for services at all? How could we redesign government service delivery to start with data first? Paper forms burden clients, take hours to complete, and create barriers to equity and inclusion, but they are still often the first step to accessing government services. We know there is another way—a... read more