Joanne Stanley

Executive Director, Women in Communications and Technology,

and the organization responsible for the 2020 Dr. Roberta Bondar Career Development Program

Joanne Stanley is Executive Director of Women in Communications and Technology (WCT), appointed in March 2013. WCT is Canada’s largest national professional association dedicated to the career advancement of women in Canadian information, communications, technology, broadcast and media companies.

Ms Stanley has had an unwavering commitment to women in digital industries for her entire career first as a senior executive in the telecommunications sector and then through her work at CanWIT (Canadian Women in Tech) and at Women in Communications and Technology (WCT).

Through her numerous community and industry stakeholder initiatives, Ms. Stanley remains the leading voice and advocate for a larger and more influential place for women in the digital economy in Canada.

With over 30 years of experience in marketing, journalism and leadership in the technology sector, Ms. Stanley knows first-hand the issues and challenges facing women in career advancement.

Ms. Stanley has held senior positions in Bell Canada, Telecom Canada, Stentor Telecom Inc., the Ontario Centres of Excellence and the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance.


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