Joe Powell

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Open Government Partnership

Joe Powell is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Open Government Partnership. He leads OGP’s global engagements, including working with the OGP Steering Committee, OGP Summits and linking OGP with other multilateral processes. Recently, Joe was selected as part of the inaugural Obama Foundation Leaders: Europe program, as one of 35 emerging leaders committed to values-based leadership. He previously worked for the ONE Campaign, where he was managing ONE’s global campaign for increased transparency in the extractive industries. As Senior Policy and Advocacy Manager at ONE, Joe also led global advocacy on the G20 and policy development for the 2013 G8.


Adapting to a New Digital Reality: Working in the Open to Build More Resilient Democracies

09/11/2020 15.45 - 16.25

FWD50 in the MixChannel 5Breakout session

Governments around the world are adapting to new digital realities by leveraging new approaches to respond to their citizens in an open and transparent way. The Open Government Partnership recently launched a campaign – Open Response + Open Recovery – to highlight the ways in which transparency, accountability, inclusivity, and public participation can make a difference in these efforts.... read more