John Weigelt

National Technology Officer

Microsoft Canada

John Weigelt is the National Technology Officer for Microsoft Canada, based in Ottawa, Ontario. His role involves sharing Microsoft Canada’s strategic policy and technology efforts with the government, education and healthcare communities.

John has been the Senior Director of Architecture, Standards and Engineering at the Chief Information Officer Branch of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat and has worked for the Department of National Defense. John has a Master’s degree in Computer and Communications Security from the Royal Military College of Canada.


Advancing the use of AI - In Conversation with Natural Resources Canada

04/11/2020 13.30 - 14.10

Industry Innovations TrackChannel 4Breakout session

Hosted by John Weigelt, Microsoft Canada’s National Technology Officer, this session explores how the public sector is advancing the use of AI to address global and local challenges, and the components of a strategy that will help governments create value and transformational impact with AI.

Vik Pant, Chief Scientist and Chief Science Advisor at Natural Resources Canada and founder of the... read more