Jon Rychalski

Assistant Secretary for Management & Chief Financial Officer

United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Officer Mr. Jon Rychalski is the Assistant Secretary for Management and Chief Financial Officer of the Department of Veterans Affairs. In this role, he is responsible for directing the Department’s budgetary, financial, capital asset management, and business oversight functions as well as corporate analysis and evaluation.


Becoming Digital for Citizens: Perspectives from the United States and United Kingdom.

06/11/2020 13.30 - 14.10

Industry Innovations TrackChannel 4Breakout session

Governments at all levels continue to focus on becoming digital to improve citizen services and experience as a priority, but not all are seeing the same level of success. What are the keys to success in becoming digital and meeting citizen expectations? What organizational capabilities do you need to navigate the business challenges caused by COVID-19? How are leadership roles evolving and how... read more