Katy Lalonde

Director, Digital

Ontario Digital Service

Katy is a Director at, and founding member of, the Ontario Digital Service (ODS). She played a lead role in building the ODS and shaping its evolution as it has moved across different ministries and through multiple government mandates. Katy has extensive experience in digital strategy, in navigating and shifting the machinery of government, in the leadership and operations of digital organizations, and in organizational design to support empowered, multi-disciplinary teams.


Delivering at the Speed of Need

04/11/2020 15.00 - 16.30

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While chronically underfunded, agile digital service teams have proven that they are a precious resource within government that can be trusted to deliver at the speed of need in a crisis.

What is it about the way they are set up that allows them to work nimbly? Learn about how they are set up to respond quickly in times of crisis, what challenges they are able to overcome quickly and which... read more