Melanie Love

Chief, Strategic Communications and Ministerial Affairs

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

From Melanie’s perspective, clear, concise, and reader-friendly communications is key to putting out a message people will want to read. As such, her passion lies in producing content that can naturally draw the audience in with its tone. That’s why, as Chief within Strategic Communications at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS), she led the creation of Living Digital, a platform on that showcases stories on brilliant people across the Government of Canada (GC) who are working on forward-thinking endeavours. In addition to that, Melanie also advises on content strategy, engagement, and user experience for the government-wide implementation of Office 365—the future of internal communications across the GC. Her mission is to help promote the GC as it shifts towards becoming a digital government, with the acknowledgement that adapting the way we communicate is an important aspect of the greater shift (and to stop buying shoes once a week).


gcxchange. The future of communication and collaboration in the GC

05/11/2020 14.15 - 14.55

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Actively communicating and openly collaborating across various digital government platforms sounds easy enough. But in practice, it can sometimes be more complicated than it needs to be. The Government of Canada (GC) aims to tackle this challenge with their new platform, gcxchange.
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