Michael Jay

Senior Advisor

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (Measurement Canada)

Michael Jay is a Senior Advisor at Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (Measurement Canada). With a keen interest in digital innovation, Michael took executive digital leadership training at the Institute on Governance in Ottawa Ontario. With newfound digital awareness, Michael has taken the role of digital champion at Measurement Canada. In this role, Michael has been leading a Code for Canada fellowship at Measurement Canada, building digital capacity and digital solutions for inspectors, and providing leadership on broader IM/IT renewal.


Code for Canada Fellowship demonstrations

09/11/2020 14.00 - 15.10

Code for Canada ShowcaseChannel 2Presentation

Come see what’s possible when the latest digital methods and tools are applied to public sector projects. The fourth cohort of Code for Canada fellows will demonstrate the 21st century public services they’ve built in collaboration with government partners at Transport Canada, Measurement Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Both fellows and partners will share... read more

Q&A with Code for Canada fellows and government partners

09/11/2020 15.10 - 15.30

Code for Canada ShowcaseChannel 2Interactive session