Sara Hudson

Data + Digital Fellow

The Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation

Sara is a writer, storyteller, and senior strategist. She uses words and technology to craft things—user experiences, content, stories, systems, policies, strategies, teams, organizations, and thought leadership—that synthesize complex information, share compelling stories, inspire action, and solve human problems.

A FEMA-trained emergency responder, she created New Orleans’ centralized disaster response systems, NOLA Ready. Across federal and local government, healthcare, media, and philanthropy she has designed systems and amplified stories to transform individual lives and address systemic breakdowns faced by children with cancer and blood diseases, formerly incarcerated persons, Native American women, immigrants, women of color, and economically-vulnerable communities. She specializes in partnering with innovative thought leaders—particularly women and people of color—to scale and share stories, big ideas, and impact.


Have everyone’s ideas been heard? Digital storytelling across Government

06/11/2020 16.05 - 16.45

Regional Digital Government SummitChannel 2Summit

This panel addresses the why and the how of storytelling across the public
service. Why is it important for government teams to be profiled and have
their stories shared out in the open? How can teams across government
leverage different digital storytelling tools from blogs to podcasts? Learn
from a diverse panel of government storytellers, digital tinkerers and creative... read more