Sarah Paquet

Executive Vice-President

Shared Services Canada

In February 2018, Sarah Paquet was appointed to the position of Executive Vice-President at Shared Services Canada. As the first Executive Vice-President of Shared Services Canada, she is providing leadership as the Department modernizes the Government of Canada information technology infrastructure, thereby, enabling digital services—the electronic delivery of information across multiple platforms and devices such as Web or mobile—to Canadians.

Prior to that, Sarah served as the Senior Assistant Deputy Minister of Strategy at Shared Services Canada. While in this position, she led the development of the Government of Canada renewed Information Technology Infrastructure Transformation Plan, which resulted in new investments in Shared Services Canada.

She was the Assistant Deputy Minister of Public Services and Procurement Canada’s Integrated Services branch from 2011 to 2017, where she played a key role in the department’s service strategy, helping to ingrain client service excellence across the department. She was also responsible for enabling major Government of Canada information-technology-enabled business solutions.

Sarah began her federal Public Service career in 1997 at the Department of Justice where she held various positions such as legal services (Counsel) to Health Canada. Subsequently, she became Executive Director and General Counsel for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and Executive Director and Senior General Counsel for Public Services and Procurement Canada.

As the Deputy Minister Champion of the University of Ottawa, Sarah is focussing on student mental health and recruitment while strengthening the student’s relationship with the Government of Canada. She is also a strong advocate for women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. She is both the Champion for Women at SSC and the Public Sector Champion for the Roberta Bondar Career Development Program for Women in Science and Technology.

Sarah attended the University of Ottawa, earning her Civil Law degree in 1993 and her Common Law degree in 2001.


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