The Honourable Joyce Murray

Minister of Digital Government


Following a highly successful 25-year career building an international reforestation company and 4 years in the provincial cabinet of the B.C. Liberal government, the Honourable Joyce Murray was appointed Minister of Digital Government on November 20, 2019.
The Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra since 2008, Joyce served as Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Treasury Board following the 2015 general election. During this time she championed and helped lead the development of the Centre for Greening Government. Making federal government operations more environmentally friendly and efficient was a natural project for Joyce, whose entrepreneurial spirit led her to build a company that has planted almost 1.5 billion trees—more than 500,000 of which she planted herself.
She received the Simon Fraser University Dean’s Medal as the top MBA graduate in 1992, was the chair of the board at Brinkman and Associates Reforestation, and served as British Columbia’s Environment Minister and Minister of Management Services in Gordon Campbell’s cabinet from 2001 to 2005.
Joyce Murray has always been a thought-leader, driving progressive new policies in government. Whether advocating for strong, smart environmental measures or being an early advocate of the legalization and regulation of cannabis, Joyce’s ability to envision and deliver on bold new ideas comes from her depth of experience in politics and business.

She is passionate about investing in a fairer, greener economy that empowers future generations, and confident that digital innovation will offer important opportunities for improving services to Canadians.


The Honourable Joyce Murray, Canada’s Minister of Digital Government, has a mandate to lead work across departments to transition to a more digital government to improve services for citizens. Her background at the provincial and federal level, and her longstanding advocacy for sustainability, give her a unique perspective on government collaboration and the greening of technology. As we kick... read more