Tim Bouma

Senior Advisor

Government of Canada’s Office of Chief Information Officer

Tim Bouma is a Senior Advisor for the Government of Canada’s Office of Chief Information Officer. Tim’s area of focus is digital identity and he is responsible for the development of policy instruments related to identity management. Tim is also a key contributor to the Public Sector Profile of Pan-Canadian Trust Framework, a collaborative effort with the Provinces and Territories, to develop a standards-based approach to digital identity for all Canadians.


Emerging tech lightning talks

04/11/2020 13.30 - 14.10

Executive Track: Global Partnership (DN)Channel 1Breakout session

Public sector innovation requires that we choose wisely from the fruits of technology, reaping their benefits while avoiding their risks. Digital transformation means balancing tradeoffs to improve services for citizens while protecting their freedoms and rights. The Digital Nations has working groups, some of which are focused on digital identity, data, and greening government.

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